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Project Description

Living Room Design

How to Set Up a Truly Inviting Living Room Atmosphere?

  1. Start with the couch! Take your time and think through all factors: Budget, your lifestyle, color, fabric and design preferences. 
  2. Set the calm and inviting mood by choosing warm and neutral colors.
  3. Have multiple lighting sources to create a relaxed, comfortable mood. Lamps are like jewelry: They’re not the main act, but they can make or break it.
  4. «Let the rug to claim the territory.» Choose the color and texture according to your concept and go more oversized than you think.
  5. Use various shapes and textures.
  6. Consider at least one huge window.
  7. Create one accent wall.
  8. Install paintings or art collections with the concept of your room, and do not hang it too high.
  9. The most impotent tip : Your living room should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love. Don’t try to make it be loved by others, love it by yourself!